The Grand Commandery of Knights Templar

Part of the Maryland Masonic Family
2015-2017 Theme: Pride in our past. Faith in our future!

2015-16 Officers

Arthur F. Hebbeler III

Right Eminent Grand Commander

Spyridon G. Treklas

Very Eminent Deputy Grand Commander

Charles E. Warns

Eminent Grand Generalissimo

John Austin

Eminent Grand Captain General

Kris D. Brown

Eminent Grand Senior Warden

Alex Rodriquez

Eminent Grand Junior Warden

Raymond H. Denmark

Eminent Grand Prelate

Randall L. Watson

Grand Treasurer

Thomas G. Heimiller REPGC

Grand Recorder

James Frock

Eminent Grand Standard Bearer

Scott Wilson

Eminent Grand Sword Bearer

Jeffrey L. Disney

Grand Warder

W. Michael Boughman

Grand Sentinel

Fred A. Spicer KCT REPGC

Grand Inspector General

Ira Williams



Aide to the Grand Commander

Upcoming Events

December 5, 2015: Grand Commander and Line visit Frederick, MD (Jacques de Molay Commandery hosts. Antioch, St. Bernard, Montgomery, and Carroll Commanderies participating. 10:00 AM.

Christmas Observances: Palestine (Annapolis) 10:30 am 12/12, Carroll (Westminster) 7:30 pm 12/15, Baltimore County Commanderies (Bonnie Blink Chapel) 3:00 pm worship 4:00 dinner.